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Action and Ambition

Jun 29, 2023

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Sonja Stribling, a Licensed Clinical Faith-based Counselor, retired Major of the United States Army, and former HR Director. With 21 years of military service and a decorated combat veteran, she has displayed resilience and determination throughout her life. As a former semi-pro basketball player and mother of three boys, Dr. Stribling has overcome numerous obstacles. She is the Founder of the Born to Be Powerful Academy, a company dedicated to empowering individuals not only to succeed but excel. Additionally, she serves as a National Speaker for the Think & Grow Rich- The Legacy World Tour and has been a TV Host on Bravo Network. Drawing from her training and experiences, Dr. Stribling guides thousands of people to victory by tapping into their inner power and reaching their next level in life and business.