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Action and Ambition

Nov 15, 2021

Welcome to another episode of the Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Evan Sohn, a senior executive with 25+ years of experience in eCommerce at Fortune 500 and start-up environments with a history of rapidly growing businesses and capturing market share. He has expertise in a diverse set of industries, including WIFI, data security, customer relationship management, platform handheld development, and mobile computing. Evan is the Chief Executive Officer of, a hiring platform for the world’s largest network of recruiters. He has experience in sales Executive and Management roles at companies such as Veea, VeriFone, Brightwire, MessageLabs (acquired by Symantec), Omnipod (acquired by MessageLabs), ReefEdge, and others. He was involved in the first wireless email system and invented the pharmaceutical sales force animation. Tune in to find more on this!