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Action and Ambition

Jul 7, 2022

Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Ian Foster, Founder of Center Cam. Center Cam is a small, revolutionary webcam that operates in the middle of your screen, allowing you to have true eye contact on a videoconference. It enables you to see your presentation, client, or family member without changing your visual point of focus. Ian Foster Started the company when he was fetching his Master's internship as a social work counselor. It was when everything went remote due to the pandemic. He and his fellow interns got confused with the video conferencing technology. No one knew where to look. The rapport they had built fizzled out, and Ian knew that there had to be a better way. Throughout 2020 he began developing prototypes, and when he was satisfied with the quality of the camera, he launched Center Cam. Tune in to learn more!