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Action and Ambition

Dec 19, 2019

Welcome to Action & Ambition. I’m your host Andrew Medal.

Today’s guests are Nikolaus Kimla, the founder of Pipeliner CRM.

Nikolaus is a true entrepreneur: over the last 40 years he has created six businesses, three of which are still in business today. His experience in the software industry goes back over 20 years.

Early in his career his team help build and manage the biggest compliance company at that time called World Check. World Check was acquired by Thomson Reuters 2011, which turned Nikolaus’s attention to sales—as he felt salespeople were seriously undervalued and unsupported in today’s business world.

Thus began the 10-year journey that ultimately resulted in Pipeliner CRM—a unique solution that actually empowers salespeople to sell instead of burdening them with cumbersome administrative duties as traditional CRM solutions have.

Today we talk about the dot com crash, the future of technology, and his ten year journey with his latest company.

Let’s get to it!