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Action and Ambition

May 29, 2021

Welcome to another episode of Action and Ambition. We are joined today by D. Arcelious Harris, professionally known as Swagg R'Celious, a producer, vocalist, and songwriter making an innovative mark on the music industry.

Executive producer Swagg R'Celious played a monumental role in the growth and award-winning sound of H.E.R., taking home a Grammy win for Best R&B Album (2018) and 4 additional Grammy nominations. 

Swagg R'Celious, signed by Sony/ATV, the producer and writer, has had career-defining opportunities and his multidimensional, cross-genre music has earned him a top 5 record in France. Swagg R'Celious has a strong passion for music education in music technology and has been a guest lecturer and speaker at high schools, colleges, and universities. You will love this episode!