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Action and Ambition

Dec 29, 2023

Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition podcast! Joining us today is Dr. John Hagen, a seasoned surgeon turned storyteller who seamlessly weaves the precision of the operating room into the fabric of his narratives. Hagen's literary journey took an unexpected turn after a distinguished medical career. Renowned for his mesmerizing novel, "The Sailor," Hagen draws inspiration from his deep-seated love for sailing, spending summers navigating the serene waters of Lake Ontario. The freedom and tranquility of the open sea serve as both a canvas and catalyst for his creative endeavors. In the rhythmic dance of the waves, Hagen discovers the poetic seeds that blossom into his captivating tales of adventure, seamlessly blending the technical prowess of a surgeon with the limitless horizons of the open sea. Tune in to learn more!